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Onstage at Shakers Roadhouse in Edmonton. Grant Stovel on drums, Chris Grapel on Bass, and Pete Turland playing his guitar.

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Carla Rugg

The name Carla Rugg is synonymous with quality, class and tradition.  Her extensive 20 year career in country music has taken her from small town Saskatchewan, over to Europe and down to Nashville.  This journey produced 3 solo albums and various collaborations including a duet on the latest album by the Raygun Cowboys.


Constantly working on her craft, Carla recently attended a song writing workshop in Music City led by influential singer/songwriter Mary Gauthier. Carla also had time to perform at the famed Bluebird Café.  The song she performed was a heartwarming ballad co-written with fellow Edmontonian, Aaron Godvin. The tear jerker is titled ‘Rainbows’ and will be available for download in the near future.


During the years of 2013 and 2014 Carla performed with fellow country artist Brent Lee. At this time Rugg add the doghouse bass to her list of ‘played instruments’. When asked why she added the upright bass to her repertoire Carla responds with a flirtatious smile, “It’s sexy!”


Feeling a need to do more with her music and give something back Carla earned her Bachelor’s degree in Music Therapy from Capilano University in North Vancouver. With her certified therapy dog, Lando, she specializes in palliative care and provides comfort and support to clients and their families.


Carla Rugg’s latest project is an album is a project comprised of cover songs that she stripped down and remade acoustically.  The album is aptly entitled ‘My Way’ and has undoubtedly been recorded her way.  Carla has successfully proven that a great song will remain a great song regardless of time signature, key or arrangement.  Each song has been taken down to the acoustic core and brings the listener on a journey back in time in which music was pure and organic; a time before mechanical trickery.  “It is important to know that the tracks were done in one or two takes,” Carla proudly proclaims.  “No machine carried out that note at the end of Tainted Love.   I DID!”.


In order to grow and flourish art should not be rushed.  This is a lesson that maturity and life experience has taught Carla with a career spanning two decades.  It teaches many things, one being that persistence and hard work plays off.  “My Way” took four and a half years to complete.  “I didn’t want to rush this album. I wanted to take my time and do it right.” 


As promotion for the new album begins, Carla’s mind is already focused on her next project.  “I’m thinking of an album of Canadian train songs.  My husband, Julian, is a train enthusiast and there are so many great train songs.”  The current album is for experimenting; the next one is for creating. 


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