Carla’s first album “This Is...” released on Natry Recordings includes the following tracks:

  1. Who Says A Woman Can't Be Strong
  2. This Isn't Love
  3. Too Soon To Tell
  4. You're Still Gone
  5. Just Like Jesse James
  6. I Will Love Again
  7. What You See Is What You Get
  8. Any Other Fool
  9. A Little Love
  10. Real Man

this is... - credits


Jay D. Walbaum and Greg Pretty - Drums

Derek Stremel, Dale Luedtke and Pete Turland - Bass

Gary Kolinger and Kelly Towle - Electric Guitar

Gary Kolinger - Acoustic Guitar

Andrew Glover, Gary Bowman, and Jamie Kidd - Hammond and Synth

Andrew Bowman and Gary Bowman - Piano

Mike Johnson, Jeff Bradshaw and Gary Kolinger - Steel Guitar

Tony Michael - Fiddle

Margie Cates, Dianne Ellery, Kennedy jensen, Tim Lent, Mark Puffer, Carla Rugg, and Derek Stremel - BGs

Produced by: Carla Rugg and Doug McCann

Engineered by: Doug McCann, Jamie Kidd, Jerry Woolsy and Les Ladd

Colour Photos by: Richard Siemens

B&W Photos by: Mark LeFong

Layout and Graphic Design by: Hök Nik Creative Designs, Edmonton, AB

My Way - Credits


Graham Guest - Hammond

Glenn Hallam - Drums

Jason Kodie - Accordion

Paul Pigat - Guitars

Carla Rugg - Vocals

Kevin Satre - Guitars, Dobro, Lap Steel, Pedal Steel, Vocals

Pete Turland - Guitars, Upright Bass

Produced By: Carla Rugg, much input and inspiration from Tom Brent, Kevin Satre & Pete Turland

Engineered by: Tom Brent

recorded in Edmonton, AB at Blackbox Studios, TOMB Studios, Various nooks and crannies around Edmonton

Mixed at Blackbox Studios by Tom Brent, Carla Rugg, Kevin Satre & Pete Turland

Graphics by: Sara Rugg

Mastered in Vancouver at Heavy-o-sonic by Marc L'Esperance

Photograph by: Debbie Boccabella

Cover art inspired by the J. Howard Millar 'We Can Do It" Westinghouse poster

Dynamite - Credits

Produced By:            Pete Turland
Assistant Producers: Carla Rugg
Engineered By:          Scott “Luke” Henderson, & Fader 16 moved by Rufus
Recorded at:             SOS Studios, Victoria BC
Mastered by:             Marc L’esperance, Heavysonic
The Disciples:           Pete Turland – Guitars

                                Paul Pigat – Guitars, Steel

                                James Taylor – Doghouse Bass

                                Garth “Matthew” Johnson – Drums
BG’s:                        Keith Baker

                                Lisa Dodd

                                Melanie Switzer
Photos by:                Debbie Boccabella
                                Len Wheeler

                                Mark LeFong


Carla’s third album “My Way” released on Natry Recordings includes the following tracks:

  1. Ring of Fire
  2. A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes
  3. My Baby Thinks S/He's a Train
  4. Every Second
  5. I Walk the Line
  6. El Paso
  7. Tainted Love
  8. Always
  9. True Love
  10. Sweet Dreams

Carla Rugg

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Copyright 2016. Carla Rugg. All rights reserved.

Carla’s second album “Dynamite” released on Eastside Records includes the following tracks:

  1. Dynamite
  2. Junkyard Of Love
  3. Dark Moon
  4. It Doesn't Matter Any More
  5. Evil
  6. Bang Bang
  7. My Baby Rocks Me
  8. These Boots Are Made For Walking
  9. Boppin' The Blues
  10. Your Cheating Heart
  11. Coulda Shoulda Woulda
  12. Get Outa My Head
  13. But I Do
  14. Treat Me Nice
  15. Man Wanted
  16. Hey Baby